Chuck Williams

Originally from California where extreme sports are common, Chuck has excelled in several including Speedway Racing and Downhill Racing. His passion in life has always been and remains water-skiing and physical fitness. Chuck has been involved in virtually every aspect of water-skiing for over 25 years. An accomplished Barefoot skier, Ski Jumper and Hydrofoiler, he has also competed in Ski Racing reaching speeds in excess of 80 miles per hour and has an extensive background in Show Skiing. Over the years he has trained with a multitude of skiers that have gone on to win world titles in all disciplines of skiing bringing a wealth of knowledge to the table. 

Greg Lawrence

Greg Lawrence of is Chuck’s “right hand man”. Since the inception of wakeboarding, Greg’s been there. Riding the first wakeboard produced by Sano in 1987 alongside Jimmy Redmond he was hooked. Greg went on to earn a spot as a staff member of Sea World in San Antonio and the "Bay Watch Water Ski and Stunt Show" affording him the opportunity to perform with some incredibly talented athletes as well as competing on the Wakeboarding Pro Tour across the nation for several years. Greg is not only an experienced athlete, but is also an experienced instructor of water sports, having performed clinics across America. For riders of any age or skill level, Greg employs a teaching style that combines helpful communication with a genuine desire to see you succeed and increase your enjoyment of the sport, be it training beginners who have never tried the sport, to expert riders who want to add more tricks to their arsenal. With over 25 years of experience in wakeboarding and other extreme water sports, Greg puts his wisdom to work for you.

Having instructors like Greg Lawrence, or other instructors from on-site ensures a high level of instruction.


Administrative/Customer Service: Carolina Moncada


Guide/Consultant Alberto Moreno


Entertainment/Social: Geraldine Ruiz


“Capitán”: Richard Shambley


Chuck Williams: Oriundo de California,  su pasión siempre ha sido los deportes y la aptitud física, se destaca en varios deportes como el Speedway Racing y el Racing en decenso, tiene una experiencia de más de 25 años en Barefoot skier, Ski Jumper e Hydrofoiler. También ha competido en carreras de esquí con velocidades que van más allá de las 80 millas por hora, además, de sus habilidades en el esquí show, esto gracias a los años que ha entrenado con otros deportistas que han sido ganadores de competencias mundiales de esqui.

Greg Lawrence: es un experto conocedor de los deportes acuáticos desde sus inicios, montó en el primer Wakeboard hecho por Sano en 1987 y ha estado de la mano de Jimmy Redmond. Greg se ha destacado en los deportes acuáticos, ha sido miembro del personal del Sea World (Mundo Marino) en San Antonio, del Bay Ski Water Watch and Stunt Show (Show de ski acuático y piruetas de la bahía), y también ha competido en el Tour de Wakeboard Pro por varios años.  Gracias a su experiencia y habilidad Greg ha sido solicitado como instructor en los Estados Unidos y ahora en Suramérica pues también habla español. Greg enseña a personas de todas las edades y nivel de habilidad, entre sus pilares de enseñanza esta la comunicación y la diversión aprendiendo.


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